"A thing of beauty is a joy for ever."

- John Keats

I grew up in Milano, surrounded by art, fashion and design. Italy’s beauty and warmth have always been in my heart during my travels and life abroad, becoming one of my sources of inspiration and positive energy.


Deeply fascinated by the relationships between emotions, personality and aesthetic, I always struggled to be a better person, to look nicer, to learn and grow and become more capable of bringing out the best in people. It is this quest for and fascination by beauty in its large aesthetic meaning, coupled with my deep interest in the human being, that enables me to consider styling as a means of communication.  


I now devote my time to help people reach their best self and expressing it with freedom and joy.  

Fashion Styling in Milan​, Geneva, Switzerland​. Enhanced personal shopping, with ​Body Mapping, Colour Analysis, Capsule Wardrobe management, Applying make-up, and preparation for job interviews​. Powered by www.jessicakate.ch


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Photos by Sandra Luoni